How Much Sugar is in Your Children’s Snacks

This week we had some family over to the house and the kids were going through the pantry looking for snacks.  The first choice by the kids was Nutella and English Muffins.  So we looked at the sugar content in Nutella.  21G of sugar for 2 tbsps.  Okay that was out.  Then we looked at Welch’s Fruit Snacks.  The kids said, “oh this is healthy, it’s fruit.”  We looked at the sugar content again.  10G of Sugar.  That is 1G of sugar per fruit snack.  That was out!  To drive the point home, I pulled out our electronic scale, took the sugar out, and measured 21G and 10G of sugar and put it into a ziplock bag to show them just how much sugar was in each item.  They were blown away. We looked for and discussed different options and switched to peanut butter with 2G of sugar.  Try this with your kids..They probably have no idea how much sugar is in some of these “treats” they love so much. It helped us clean this out of the pantry with no push back from the kids.


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