RX or prescribed, that button that has caused many people to turn a blind eye in their progress just to say they did RX. I coach the fundamentals here at RegenX Fitness and I also have developed our own fundamentals program here. We haven’t always had this system in place when we first started here, but now I have seen the shift of new people coming into CrossFit versus back in 2013 when I met some people starting their CrossFit journey’s. The biggest change I’ve seen is the mindset of how people approach fitness or their goals. In our fundamentals program I introduce the idea of scaling right off the bat and in turn, setting them up for a better progression towards their goals. This simple concept of scaling accordingly to your own abilities can have a drastic effect on ones training. Every workout has an intended stimulus that day; should we be going fast, heavy, unbroken, steady or whatever it may be, there is always a focus to these workouts. These workouts are not just randomized to put your body through some wreckage to feel the soreness for days. We are aiming to improve one aspect of your physical preparedness every time you come in to do our classes. The biggest thing stopping you from achieving said stimulus, is the inability to scale a workout down for the sake of saying you did the workout RX. Sometimes the weight, movement or even that amount of work may be too much for one athlete, causing them to slow down or completely put their workout on hold because you cannot simply keep moving forward. That right there is giving you the biggest disservice you can in that one hour you have with us. Learn how to scale properly to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Our coaches are always talking about different scaling options to you. During our movement prep, during the briefing and even right before the metcon, you will hear the coach give out different ways to scale a workout. In most cases we know who our athletes are and will give you some personal advice on scaling. For those of us who are trying to figure out on our own how to scale, look at the time cap and listen to what the coach is looking for that day. When it comes down to weight, we will usually say something along the lines of aiming for a certain amount of reps unbroken. With cardio based movements we give a general time you should be finishing that movement. When it comes to gymnastics, however, it can be very broad. If you are unable to complete the movement at all, then usually we will assign a movement that will help progress toward that movement, in the case you are able to perform said movement, we usually will bring the reps down so that you can continue to practice the movement without burning out or doing too much. In the end, do not be afraid to ask a coach, we are here with your best interest at heart. RX is just a button, move to the beat of your own drum, do not get swayed by your neighbor and I will see you out on the floor.