Having Issues with Your Knees or Hips?

We try to bring in equipment to help you warmup, recovery, build, or rehab little aches and pains.  For example, I’ve talked to many of you about the Crossover Symmetry which is fantastic for your shoulders.  

The Hip Halos are great to build your glutes but also the key stabilizer muscles around your knees and hips.  Muscle imbalances of the glutes, hips and core are behind most back pain issues.   Strengthening these weak areas using the Hip Halos can quickly restore proper, pain free movement.

The next addition to the family is called the Monkey Feet.  We have a single device over by the Hip Halos.  How you use the Monkey Feet is to simply attach a light dumbbell to the bottom of the device and strap the device onto your shoe.  You can do high knees, donkey kicks, leg extensions, leg curls, leg side raises, etc.  This will help you build the stabilizer muscles in your knees and improve your hip flexors creating more power and stability.  I will have some posters up shortly of some exercises you can do with them.  


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