I am very Happy that I joined back in May 2018. I do the Reform Program mostly (there is many programs that would fit your needs) but this program worked better for me. I was 220 lbs, tired all the time, and unhappy with my body look. After almost a year in a half, I can tell you that I am at my best physically, and mentally, I feel better, healthier, and strong. on May 2019 I decided to join their nutrition program, I learned how to eat healthier, balanced, and keep track of what I put in my body, and it made a big change on me, cutting down my body fat percentage. I am 180 lbs now, from size XL shirts to Medium , and pants size 38 to 33!, nutrition played a big part of my changed. Btw The coaches are great, very Healthful and knowledgeable, and the whole community overall is very welcoming, thank you Carson Crossfit!